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Service Overview:


Our purpose and goal is to assist, train, support and advocate for successful self-sustaining independent living in the community. These skills are designed to each Individuals Service Plan for persons with special needs and developmental disabilities. WE will provide training services, support and advocacy towards improvement in the quality of an individual’s life. Teaching and promoting “INDEPENDENCE”.


Consistent with state and federal law, progress outcome will be provided in reports Annually and Semi-Annual.



Administrative Organizational Structure:


Organizational Chart:

  • Director: Janice Retz - Manages 26 Staff Training & Support Specialist. Oversee and attend meetings for all current Clients with successful Supported & Independent Living Services

  • Assistant Director: Dana Gore - Oversees office organization

  • Supported Living Administrator: Marcia Lawler - All reports for RCOC, Cal Optima MSSP & Staff Support Leaders. Manages all time schedules for supported living staff; reviews time sheets and attendance notes.

  • Tech Support Manager: Dalene Northrup - Computer input & time reports & billing

  • Staff Team Members - Staff has experience with DD population and ongoing monthly trainings.


Monthly meetings provide updates for clients individual needs and materials provided for trainings to teach to clients.


Administrative Functions:

Independent Endeavor Inc. Support Living Services will have M-F office 8am to 5pm. Staff will be assigned per clients needs with hours to support individual’s needs as approved by RCOC. Director or on call person will be available 24 hours by phone 7 days a week.


Independent Endeavor is open for ILS training and supports M-F 8am to 5pm. 

Phone Emergency Contact 24/ 7.

Our Mission Statement

Independent Endeavor Supported Living will provide empowerment thru additional supports than our Independent Living program. This will provide opportunities for individuals to continue to live in their own homes in the least restrictive environment.


Our services help maintain optimum health, interaction in their community and support choices in reaching one’s individual goals. Support Living may be needed due to the need for more protective supervisor, or dramatic changes such as; health, age, or extra needs for personal assistance. IHSS hours will be applied for to supplement hours per requirements of State of Calif trailer bill.

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